Overhaul is Overdue


An overhall to Palomafarmer.com is due in the future. Between mobile's growing importance and the waining use of Flash, I will be creating a non-flash version of my website in addition to attempting to simplify it even further. Of course, as part of that I will be updating it with work I've done professionally in the past 2-3 years.

In a related move, I've removed the portfolio blog which was my lazy excuse for a mobile friendly website. It was getting entirely too many hits for having next to nothing on it.

I don't yet have a timeline for this change and will likely be busy for the next few months.



Minor Update

-Added some more statistical information about the performance of some of my SPP! backgrounds and items.


Added SPP! Items, Updated information.

-Added a entry with 5 of the items I created for SPP! at the end of the 2D game art gallery.

-Added some more specific information about item performance for some entries. Item performance was judged against 24 hour profits of other items released in the same week, so I've included some rankings.

-Updated my resume.