Fidgety bits.

Some small updates I've done within the past day:

-> Turned the "expand" symbol that shows up when you roll over a gallery image 45 degrees, hopefully this helps with clarity.

-> Added an entry to the gallery in the "Children's Illustration Digital" section for the Theme Machine itself. It can also be accessed via the info button in the lower left-hand corner of the Theme Machine's frame.

-> Made the little labels on the menu, next, and back buttons permanent rather then only appearing when you roll over. Considering labeling that aforementioned info button as well.

-> Fixed some broken hotlinks caused by typos in the code.

-> Still working on that pre-loader! It's a little more complicated then I thought it would be. :) Until I figure it out, please have patience.


Palomafarmer.com is live!

And, of course, the moment I upload everything and get in place, I realize I forgot about a preloader! But that's alright, I'm working on it now.

That aside, welcome to Palomafarmer.com! Please have fun playing with the Theme Machine. :)

All artwork, graphics, design and code were produced by me using Adobe software. Some of the sounds were taken from royalty-free collections, which can be found on the "Tool Links" page, below the main part of the site.


Nearly there...

I'll be using this blog to keep visitors updated on... well, updates!

I've completed the programming and basic meat & bones of the site, all I have left to do is manage hotlinks and slap it all into place!

The actual layout you'll be seeing is somewhat temporary. Most of the hard work went into the code, and theme-machine graphics, making the remainder of the websites layout ultimately replaceable with a (relatively) small amount of effort. It's sticking around for now, though, while I take a break from my website design to work on other portfolio-related projects.