Minor Update

-Added some more statistical information about the performance of some of my SPP! backgrounds and items.


Added SPP! Items, Updated information.

-Added a entry with 5 of the items I created for SPP! at the end of the 2D game art gallery.

-Added some more specific information about item performance for some entries. Item performance was judged against 24 hour profits of other items released in the same week, so I've included some rankings.

-Updated my resume.


Update: New Layout, SuperPoke! Pets artwork

- Updated my portfolio with some of the work I've done for SuperPoke! Pets in the past year.

- Opted to create a new, less cumbersome and less over-designed layout. This layout is far easier to update and expand upon. It's a WIP.



Added Linkedin button, Fixed bugs

I've added a Linkedin link to the portfolio and ironed out a few bugs that've been sitting about for a while. I'll be adding some pieces from my work at Google (Slide) hopefully this weekend.


Looking for work!

The info section & my resume have been updated.

VISIT zarryzar.superpokepets.com to see more of my work from the past year...
I've displayed a handful of the items I've created in the game I've been creating assets for at this URL.

Because of an impending change in employment status, I’ll be working on updating my portfolio over the next few days. There’s been a shift in the company’s needs, so I’m looking for new employment!

Since June of last year, I’ve been working on art & assets for the game SuperPoke! Pets - spp.com . I’ve chiefly worked on environments available for purchase in the game’s store, however I’ve also worked on individual items and lent a helping hand in developing parts of the game’s current style.

I’ll work on getting proper versions of this artwork up soon, but until then here’s some screen-shots from the game of just a few of my backgrounds.

Don’t mind the character in the middle, that’s one of my pets in the game... :) I didn’t design him.